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Growing Your Business From the Inside

Written by  Thomas E. Chase


We always think of growing our business with outside sales staff. When we recruit, hire and train sales staff, it can take three to six months or more. After that, it usually takes up to one year before a sales employee starts to be productive and understand the business. Why not hire from within?

There are different levels of skill and background required depending on the type of facility you want to secure. The level of a client’s sophistication will vary on the size of property. Normally the larger the facility, the more skill and training required. It is helpful to have someone who already knows the business, such as your customer service representative, operations manager or other trained staff.

Single-owner occupied facilities can be more stable and afford you more opportunities for growth within your business. This can be done with special services.

These are some of the special services I am referring to:

• carpet maintenance
• fabric care program
• dry steam cleaning
• floor care stripping
• window cleaning
• construction cleanup
• parking lot striping
• restoring ceramic tile floors

Most companies clean carpet annually or semi-annually, which is restorative cleaning.

If you incorporate a fabric care program on an annual basis, similar to the carpet maintenance program, it is called a special service program. There could be four to five separate contracts with one customer.

The labor and material cost is considerably lower than direct labor for the normal janitorial services. Billing for this service is set up monthly—January to December.

The key is, with your client relationship already in place, the list for special services will go on and on. You should be able to easily add another 15 percent to 25 percent to your gross revenues along with improving profitability. You can grow your business beyond what you may realize without having outside sales staff. Your customer service representative, your operations manager or director of operations staff could handle this responsibility.


Tom Chase is the owner of Thomas E. Chase Consulting and was a business owner for more than 45 years. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (763) 441-6729.



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