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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 15:58

New Orleans Plans to Monitor Contractor Compliance

This regulation will only be enforced on projects that are worth more than $50,000. Locals in the construction industry had filed complaints that many of the contractors the city was working with routinely disregarded labor laws while holding profitable city contracts, and said that there are thousands of unresolved complaints against contractors and subcontractors regarding labor. The ordinance does not create any new regulations; it just requires contractors to disclose violations of labor and employment laws to the city attorney. They are then allowed 90days to submit a plan to remedy the offense. The city attorney then has the option to seek a suitable civil solution. As long as the firm replies within 90 days, they will not face any consequences. Under the ordinance, contractors are not responsible for employment violations on the part of subcontractors. The office of the city attorney has also stated that this new regulation will not delay the granting of contracts.