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Saturday, 09 August 2008 11:59

What Does BSCAI Mean to You?

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Don Pottieger

"When I think of BSCAI in 2008, it means something different to me than it did in 1991 when we joined the Association. Our company made a commitment to be a part of the association, by participating in events, networking and volunteering our time. The foundation for our current business is modeled utilizing many things we have learned over the years at BSCAI. Today, the association is important to me because of the social opportunities that exist in attending the different programs offered throughout the calendar year. When I attend an event now, I know that in addition to the education, my wife and I will be able to interact with great friends, visit wonderful venues and have additional good memories to enrich our lives.”

–Don Pottieger, Sr., CBSE, BSCAI Past President

Jamie Van Vuren

“BSCAI is single handedly the best resource I have for networking, consulting and growing my business. BSCAI members (the people) are its biggest asset. Having the opportunity to meet hundreds of people all in my industry across the nation is absolutely invaluable. I have met many wonderful people and established friendships that continue to grow as we meet year after year at the Executive Seminar and CEO Conference.

In the every day course of running a business, you meet with clients and vendors and manage your daily operations. The days you immerse yourself in BSCAI programs, you meet with other building service contractor business owners that understand your business, your industry and your challenges.”

–Jamie Van Vuren, Bee Line Building Service and Supply

Arlo Luke

“BSCAI has meant several things to me. It has meant a wonderful exposure to industry associates who have provided me greater confidence and knowledge of the industry. It also gave me a wonderful opportunity to serve on the board and become president in 1997. I was exposed to thousands of wonderful associates, not only in the US, but throughout the world. My 50 years in the industry has provided me a rich and exciting life, one which I would have never dreamed would happen. BSCAI provided the vehicle for this to take place. Our company growth over the years has significantly been impacted through networking with many wonderful industry associates and friends.”

–Arlo Luke, Varsity Contractors

Brad Klein

“BSCAI has afforded me many opportunities. From networking with industry professionals to mentoring new members, it has given me so much more than I could ever give back. Personally, it has allowed me to manage my time more efficiently which has given me more time to spend with my family and my hobbies. I have met and talked with several BSCs that are much bigger than I am. These men and women have passed on so much valuable information that has helped fuel our growth. We were named one of the 100 fastest growing businesses in Houston by the Houston Business Journal and I am 100 percent convinced that we wouldn’t be on that list if it was not for BSCAI. The association has also afforded me the opportunity to become a CBSE. I was never really much for titles, but to know that I have achieved the highest level that can be conferred upon an individual in this industry truly makes me proud. I love being able to go out on sales calls with my team and explain to customers what a CBSE is and how it will benefit their organization as well. Last but not least is the mentoring. I met a man early on in his career in the janitorial business and have watched him grow from a one-man part-time venture into an organization that is doing amazing work and experiencing exponential growth. I can only hope that a tiny bit of my input has been a contributor to this.”

–Brad Klein, Building Professionals of Texas Janitorial Service

John Ezzo

“I went to my first convention in 1993 and have not missed one yet. Through networking, we have obtained leads from other members for business. We have worked with other members to perform large portfolios of work. I have a great peer group made up of members that I never would have met without the contractor-to-contractor networking opportunities created by BSCAI over the years. These members have become great friends. In the early days of my business, I never felt alone. When faced with a problem, I had access to the best contractors in the business for advice. In the early days of growing the business, when I would present to prospective clients who questioned my company’s lack of experience, I spoke about BSCAI and all the resources I had access to. That really impressed those prospects and helped overcome their objection. BSCAI has allowed me to grow the business and have some fun doing it.”

It was an honor to serve as the BSCAI president for 2007. Through my years on the board and those as an officer, I truly experienced the best of what BSCAI has to offer—that is networking with great leaders that I respect and find encouragement from.”

–John Ezzo, CBSE and BSCAI Immediate Past President, New Image Building Services

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