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Eliminate Time Card Hassles

Written by  Scott Saier
8 EliminateTimeCardHasslesManaging employee time and attendance on the job has always been tedious aspect of any business, and with stricter regulations being imposed by the Department of Labor in recent years, timekeeping must be performed more accurately than ever. Automated timekeeping systems are an important way for BSCs and other labor-intensive businesses with multiple jobsites to not only increase efficiency and save money, but also ensure compliance with regulations. Automated timekeeping is typically performed using phones, computers, and mobile smart devices like a Blackberry or iPad.
While smart phones and tablets may seem like a relatively recent technological breakthrough, these devices are quickly evolving from basic communication tools into invaluable technology no efficient manager can do without. Businesses worldwide are beginning to utilize mobile smartware as a fundamental way to enhance productivity, management, and security. And considering their reliance on in-the-field employees, BSCs can greatly benefit from these time-tracking solutions. Described below are a few of the latest automated timekeeping systems being marketed to BSCs.
ExpressTime Solutions
ExpressTime Solutions’ new mobile time-tracking system, ExpressTime Online, is designed specifically with BSCs in mind. Using ExpressTime Online, janitorial employees can clock in/ out using any mobile device with Internet access. Similarly, managers can access the system from their mobile devices to monitor employees, check building schedules, and communicate with staff while they’re in the field. But ExpressTime Online isn’t just for time tracking—it provides managers mobile access to a wide range of other important information.
“ExpressTime Online is more than just time management; it also tracks the whole spectrum of the janitorial business, like supplies used, budgets, project statistics—just about anything you want to know,” says Harrall Griffin III, Director of IT and Development for ExpressTime.
All of the data entered into ExpressTime Online can be exported into most popular payroll programs, saving lots of time and effort come payday. The service can also generate comprehensive reports for any data range contained in the system, allowing supervisors to quickly access the specific information they need. Ultimately, ExpressTime Online is designed to streamline and improve nearly all management tasks.
“In the past, managers have had to rely on text messages and paging to keep track of this information,” says Griffin, “but this gives them instant access to everything in the palm of their hand. Our technology is moving toward not just managing time, but managing the whole BSC experience.”
Time America Time America’s web-based time and attendance system, XactTime, allows employees to clock in/out from anywhere with Internet access. The system also allows employees to review schedules, transfer labor hours, submit time sheets, check benefit accruals, and submit time-off requests—all from the convenience of the Net.
Once employee information is entered, the data is stored immediately and can be accessed by managers on a real-time basis using the Internet. XactTime’s reporting function also helps managers with numerous tasks, like tracking benefit administration, controlling departmental costs, and performing job costing. In total, there are more than 75 reports available that can be run by pay period or by a selected date range.
Additionally, Time America offers a web application that works as a time-clock dashboard on any mobile device with Internet access. Its features include real-time workforce management, job costing, and asset tracking.
“We can also integrate point-of-sale and door-access controls,” says Barry Rubin, President of Time America. “We offer freedom from the traditional office setting, the ability to check schedules, request PTO time, and see time cards from anywhere.”
Time America can integrate all of their systems with third-party software and firmware, including all PEO and backend payroll service software. Looking to the future, Time America will soon release even more advanced applications.
“We’re currently developing enhanced asset tracking and vehicle GPS integration as well as mobile point of sale,” says Rubin.
Learn more at www.timeamerica.com TeamTime
TeamTime offers two different programs. The first, TeleTeam, is a telephone timekeeping system that enlists any touchtone phone to collect clock in/out and lunch in/out data. The other, TeamTime Portal, utilizes biometric scanning of fingerprints or face recognition to help the supervisor verify the authenticity of the employee. The Portal program can be run on any device with a Windows operating system.
Using TeleTeam, employees clock in/out by calling the system and providing a personal ID number. Voice verification prevents employees from clocking in/out for each other. Employee location is verified through CallerID, which allows employees to clock in/out only from designated phone numbers. Additionally, voicemail for both employee and employer allows for enhanced communication.
TeamTime Portal lets employee clock in/out on any device with Windows, such as desktop computers, tablets, netbooks, and laptops. At the jobsite, employees place a finger on a special fingerprint reader attached to the device, or they can simply stand in front of the device, and their faces are identified with a built-in camera. Once an employee’s identity is verified, a menu of clock in/out options is displayed. The system also features a messaging system, which allows employers to deliver messages to employees when they clock in or out.
Jill Davie, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for TEAM Software, says that TeamTime Portal offers BSCs a valuable tool for managing both labor and finances.
“With our web-based review tools, supervisors can review and approve time from anywhere with an Internet connection,” says Davie. “Daily job budgets can then be tracked and compared against actual hours logged for each job. This helps BSCs review and control labor cost every day, not just at the end of the pay period, which is often too late.”


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