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The Latest Innovations and Sustainability in Floor Pads

Written by  Rusty Heinsman

23-TheLatestInnovationsFloorPads“How long will this job take?” “How can I continue to provide my customers with a quality service but still reduce my costs?” These are two very common questions in the mind of nearly every BSC. The floor care aspect of facility maintenance is no exception, and many times the opportunity to reduce the cost of labor and materials gets overlooked.

Most manufacturers recognize that these are the challenges of each and every BSC, and constant innovation of new products is one way they are helping you to improve your bottom line while keeping your customers pleased. Here are three of the latest advancements in floor-pad technology, which provide BSCs with a number of valuable benefits.


Melamine Floor Pads
Okay, so we’ve all used a melamine eraser sponge to get a mark off a wall or other surface. Get it wet, rub a little, and voila— the mark is gone. This same technology is now available in a floor pad to solve some of floor care’s toughest tasks. Melamine pads will tackle problems like bathrooms or black mark removal. Is your customer eco-conscious, or do you have an area that is chemical free? If so, these pads are a perfect match for you, because melamine’s open-cell technology requires just water for cleaning, and it can be used on shallow grouted tile, synthetic wood floors, concrete, VCT, terrazzo, or epoxy, and it does so without removing the finish. Not only will this pad cut down the time spent on the job (say goodbye to the tennis ball on a stick), but since it only needs water, you eliminate the chemical expense of the job!





Chemical-Free Strip/ Deep Scrubbing Pads (Maroon)
Spending a lot of time and money on stripping floors? Now you can effortlessly strip or deep scrub your floors without the use of harsh, expensive chemicals. This pad is easy to use, fast, and effective, which cuts down on time and materials. Chemical-free pads can be used either wet with plain water or dry, and they’re available from most manufacturers in round or rectangle for your oscillating machines. This innovative floor pad design cuts down your labor and material expenses, while offering your customer a huge environmental alternative to traditional stripping.




Diamond Pads
The dilemma of maintaining concrete and natural stone floors now has an easy solution. Diamond pad systems available today are a revolutionary approach to cleaning and polishing your floors without the use of chemicals. In a typical a three-pad system— deep cleaning, polishing and routine maintenance—the pads consist of billions of microscopic diamonds that mechanically clean most common floor surfaces. This system will transform dull concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, and even VCT into brightly polished floors. The best thing about the diamond system is that no special equipment is needed, and your routine maintenance remains the same. You can capture both high-gloss levels and extreme cleanliness in less time.


These new floor pad designs are an excellent way to save time and money on the job, while still achieving excellent results and promoting enhanced sustainability. Want to take your “green” practices to an even higher level? Check into manufacturers that offer floor pads made from 100-percent recycled PET materials and water-based latex binders instead of the phenol-formaldehydes used by many other pads. This gives you a huge environmental advantage that will please many customers without sacrificing quality or performance. Contribute to the environment, and keep your cleaning practices on the leading edge of innovation by giving these new floor-pad products a try today.

Rusty Heinsman is the National Sales Manager at Americo Manufacturing Company, Inc.


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