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Establishing PEST CONTROL Thresholds
When is Enough Enough?

Aiming for zero pest sightings—even with a strong pest control program in place—is virtually unattainable given the pest pressures facing most facilities, including office buildings. From geographic location and building density to the age of infrastructure and property amenities, numerous variables impact the pest-threat level at a property.

Can You Use Diatomaceous Earth to Control Insects?

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is made from crushed fossils and has many applications. DE can be used to kill bugs in a wide range of applications. If considering adding on pest control services, this substance is an ecofriendly choice. DE is non-toxic to employees and those who occupy the space but very effective in dissolving bug exoskeletons and controlling infestations.
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The Benefits of Diversifying Your Services

Once you decide to diversify, you’ll need to select which add-on services are best for your business. Look into all the opportunities that might exist, such as window cleaning, light bulb changing, wall and ceiling cleaning, indoor plant maintenance exterior building cleaning / pressure washing, insect control, ect.

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The Latest Innovations in Pest Control Technology

The pest control industry is constantly researching new technologies and products that will advance the way we prevent and manage pests. And as these treatment and monitoring developments evolve, the overarching goal is to also decrease the impacts they have on the environment and on non-target creatures, as well as the economic impact on bottom lines.

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Bed Bugs Affect Even Highly Sanitary Environments

Bed bugs are nocturnal, prolific breeders that can spread quickly if not detected early. Because they are also great hitchhikers, they can appear in different types of places, from front lobbies to boardrooms to bathroom changing rooms. Be proactive to prevent infestation human hosts can unknowingly bring them from place to place.Read More


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