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Servicon: The Strategy of Building an Empire

Richard Mahdesian, founder of California based company, Servicon, watched and listened to industry trends while serving in the USAF. He realized an opportunity to start his own commercial cleaning business upon retirement in 1973. That model of listening and rising to meet the expectations of customers has been repeated again and again over the past forty-three years. Mahdesian’s formula has been capitalized on to grow Servicon Systems as an undisputed leader in the commercial cleaning industry.

10 Ways to Be a Better Listener

The art of listening is how we all become better communicators. To become successful in business and grow your organization in the right direction, it is especially vital to hear what the customer needs. These tips from Don Crawley will help make you become a better listener and capitalize on opportunity. Only by listening to what customers want, are you able act upon those needs and fulfill a niche’ that was previously not being met in the marketplace.
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Customers Are More Picky, So Listen To Them

Customers have many choices and channels to get what they want. They expect to get good value for their hard earned, ever-declining dollar. They are empowered and emboldened to accept nothing short of value. They show a low tolerance for hassle, zero patience for wait, and no lenience for frontline employees who cannot address their need on the first contact. Let them encounter some bureaucratic process that adds no value to their experience and they are off to visit a competitor.

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Dealing With Online Customer Reviews

You pick up your ringing phone and the caller rattles off a laundry list of detailed questions about your services: what’s bundled and what’s not, what’s your fee for power-washing restrooms, and how do your contracts differ from your competitors? The caller seems to know more about your services and competitors than you do. What just happened? This prospective client engaged in what Google calls the Zero Moment of Truth.

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Marketing Using Google’s Zero Moment of Truth Strategy

Businesses have always welcomed positive comments from customers regarding their products or services. Frustration enters the equation when someone is unhappy with a product or service. There used to be a saying that “If you do a great job, your customers will tell nine people. But do a poor job, and they'll tell twenty-two people.” Today, however, a negative review posted online can reach millions of people.Read More


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