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5 Strategies for Great Green Marketing

If you’re truly serious about greening your business and are taking real steps to adopt sustainable practices, then you should be bragging about it. To this end, you should develop an effective marketing strategy to get the word out about your green practices, so the public is aware of your efforts. The following five tips are designed to help you create a truly compelling green marketing campaign.

The Secret to Marketing Sustainability

In this 60 second video featuring Clive Sirkin, Chief Marketing Officer of Kimberley-Clark, he shares his company’s commitment to sustainability and building an authentic brand. Sirkin’s broad range scope in the sustainable movement encompasses all aspects of the Kimberley-Clark corporate culture.

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Evolving from Green Cleaning to a Sustainable Culture

We are not just adopting green practices to protect people, but also to protect our air and water, as well as to promote sustainability. Many facilities that have undertaken this next step in green cleaning are reporting several benefits, such as increased cost savings, greater efficiencies, and improved worker productivity. To get these benefits, these facilities are beginning sustainable green cleaning programs to enhance the efficiency of green cleaning tools, chemicals, and equipment and to make cleaning tasks healthier and much more environmentally sustainable.

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Protecting the Indoor Environment

The use of chemicals in cleaning products and processes in the indoor environment can cause serious health hazards that many aren’t aware of. Safe and sustainable materials are important to maintain a healthy indoor environment. While transparency is a key element to understanding the impact of the materials BSCs use in their buildings, it’s often challenging to understand and determine the right path to achieve it.

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Jan / Feb 2016

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