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Utilize ATP as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Using ATP rapid monitoring systems and cleaning systems that are tested, independently evaluated, and scientifically proved to leave surfaces hygienically clean can be an effective marketing tactic. Very often ATP test results are dramatic, moving from ‘fail’ to a reading well below thirty-five, indicating very safe and healthy. This can really impress the customer because it confirms [that] ‘looks’ clean and ‘smells’ clean really has very little to do with ‘is’ clean.”

Why do men and women use separate bathrooms?

Sex segregated public restrooms were developed in 1851 in London in the Victorian era. The flushing toilet and restroom design of public restrooms, to include a flushing toilet, water closet, and a door with a lock has not changed much in the least 150 years. Gender, race, disabilities and socioeconomic factors have all created reasons for segregated restrooms. However, today a growing number of businesses looking to save money with centralized facilities, and to respect transgender rights, are lobbying for gender neutral bathrooms.

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Creating Cleaner Restrooms

We spend an average of 1.5 years of our lives in a restroom so ensure that business restrooms exceed user expectations. Keeping public restrooms visually clean and smelling clean improves customer service and builds loyalty. An ATP meter quickly detects the presence of microbial contamination on restroom surfaces to determine if the correct solutions and procedures are being used.

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Cleaning Low-Flow and No-Flow Toilets and Urinals

More facilities, especially privately owned buildings like offices, are expected to begin retrofitting and remodeling their restrooms. Some newer toilets, known as low-flow or high-efficiency toilets, top the regulations and use just 1.3 gallons of water per flush. Some urinals use about a half of a gallon per flush or no water at all. The goal, of course, is to save water and also money. But, new low-flow and no-flow systems can prove somewhat challenging for cleaning professionals.

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Jan / Feb 2016

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