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Organization is the Key to Success

The competitive nature of business simply requires that entrepreneurs have better, or as good as, business management technology as the competition. The need for accounting advisors has never been greater. But business owners now find themselves in information overload when they try connecting to the limitless software solutions available to them. After tens of thousands of hours researching, learning and implementing specialized accounting and operational technology I discovered the answer was organization, and that is how qbPlugged-IN became the most powerful solution search engine for business owners.

The Behaviors of Successful Business Owners

Making more money, having more time and having productive employees are the three main problems all business owners have. Learn how to take ownership of problems and solve them. Ron Finklestein reminds us that success comes from hiring and nurturing their employees and taking ownership of processes that are faltering.

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9 Tips on the Handling the Walkthrough Bidding Process

If the walkthrough involves several cleaning contractors, get there early. This may give you an opportunity to get to know the client and for them to get to know you. Offer some suggestions during the walkthrough or when you present your bid. These are suggestions that can help the client operate their facility in a cleaner or more efficient manner. These suggestions help the client remember you—and may even help you win the contract.

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4 Ways BSCs Can Get Ready for the New Year

Well, here we are closing in on the end of another year. Not much time remains for you to make that final push to make this year’s goals and finalize your plans for next year. How are you doing on both counts? This time of the year has always been extremely busy because we are very dedicated to updating our plan for next year. Budgeting, while painful at times, is always a critical factor in preparing, so how do we make the process as painless as possible?
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Nov / Dec 2015

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