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Assessing Hard-Surface Floor Types – Properly identifying floor materials is essential for cleaning

As premium flooring is becoming more affordable, the variety of flooring materials has also expanded. Vinyl composite flooring, terrazzo, ceramic tile, and even concrete floors make bidding a job more difficult. You may need to invest in new equipment and adjust your bid in order to clean it properly, as some chemicals and equipment can damage certain flooring. Keep reading to learn about how to identify these surfaces and how to properly clean them.

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America’s Top CEOs Give There Take on How to Keep Employees Motivated

While some believe sharing a strong vision is the key, empowerment and positive feedback are also important to keep employees engaged. Micromanagement is out and autonomy empowers workers. Successful companies provide new and stimulating work that is different than the day to day grind, so for BSC’s searching for ways to keep subordinates, plugged in, giving workers the authority to make decisions regarding their work, and when possible, providing new equipment and technological solutions can prevent apathetic attitudes and increase attrition rates.

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7 Tips to Speed Up Carpet Cleaning

In the carpet cleaning industry, time is money. Charges are based on the amount of area cleaned so the faster a job can be completed, the more profitable it is. This is especially true in commercial carpet cleaning. The following are tips from CFR (continuous recycling extractors) that should be taken into consideration before beginning a commercial carpet cleaning job to help the job move along quickly and efficiently.
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Open Floor Plans and the Contract Cleaner

Do productivity and collaboration increase with an open office floor plan? Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook thinks so, and according to Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, as of 2013, fully 70 percent of American employees now work in open-plan offices for all types of businesses. Employers like open-plan offices because they allow for flexible workspaces, reduce design and construction costs, and can enhance staff collaboration and teamwork. Eliminating walls reduces the construction materials needed to build office space. Further, it allows for larger work areas to take advantage of natural light, reducing energy needs.
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