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8 Strategies for Effectively Managing a Budget

Developing and sticking to business budget is vitally important in order to handle the costs of doing business and plan for the future. Learn to manage a budget and discover a few fundamental strategies for living within your business’ financial means while maximizing your profits. The following eight strategies offer a helpful foundation with to keep your business running smoothly even if unpredicted emergencies pop up.

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How to Create Budget for Your Business - 5 Reasons Why You Need it

Track your last 12 month spending, look at the issues you have faced and plan for contingencies. The feeling of control you gain by knowing your financial limits and business cash flow with help you be more confident in the decisions you make. Banks demand complete transparency for your budget needs to be complete if you are looking into a business loan in the near future. This brief video goes onto why it is essential to create a budget.

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The Health and Finances of Green Cleaning

It’s a win, win! Why integrating green cleaning techniques, equipment and products can save money and help BSCs be more competitive while staying in compliance with OSHA standards. Green cleaning impacts every aspect of how you do business and industry leaders tie in how changing their business philosophy to be more environmentally friendly has improved their bottom line.
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Food Truck Research Revealing Small Business Trends: Low Cost Ops, Mobile, Social

Lessons learned in the food service industry include an emphasis on operating expenses, smaller roll-outs on new product developments and how being mobile, local and social can help your business grow. Small business owners in every industry, including commercial cleaning can integrate customizable technology in order to be more efficient in their daily operations.
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Sept / Oct 2015

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