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Simple Strategies for Solving Common Floor Care Problems

Cleaning and maintaining hard-surface floors often involves a lot of labor, equipment, and supplies. Given this, when it comes to staying on top of your client's floor-care needs, it's vital that you plan ahead to avoid any potential problems. Here, we discuss a handful of the most common floor-maintenance challenges BSCs are likely to face and offer helpful tips for dealing with each of them. Whether you specialize in floor care or merely offer it as a bonus "add-on" service, it pays to be prepared.

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Mirror, Mirror on the FLOOR? How to Get That High Gloss Glow

Shiny floors are beautiful floors. While a buffer does a good job cleaning your client’s floor, a burnisher should be used periodically to create a really professional glossy finish. Burnishers operate on a higher speed, and for this reason, they are more effective at creating a truly professional-looking floor shine. Dustin Balkcom, of eHow, shares illuminating tips on floor care and believes it might be worthwhile to rent a burnisher in order to achieve this highly coveted level of service.

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99 Killer Online Marketing Tools to Streamline Your Efforts

The Internet has revolutionized marketing, and if you're not using web-based tools to promote your business, you're still living in the dark ages. These days, you'll find literally hundreds of different online options specifically tailored to market your business—and many of them are totally free. With so many choices, it can be difficult to know exactly which tools are right for your situation, so here is a master list that breaks down 99 of the most effective ones.
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Should You Discount to Get More Sales?

The decision to offer a discount in exchange for a customer's promise to sign off on a large contract or multiple future ones can be a tricky proposition. On one hand, you're always looking for new customers, so it might be beneficial to sacrifice a short-term gain for a long-term relationship. Yet on the other hand, once a customer pays the lower rate, increasing the price later on will feel like a price hike, regardless of what they previously promised. Which choice would you make?
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Sept / Oct 2015

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