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Working in the Cloud: Internet Applications to Boost Your Business

Custodial Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) has revolutionized the way BSCs manage their operations. This technology has steadily progressed from simple programs installed on a single PC to mobile applications that allow much greater freedom. Today’s cloud-based CMMS make a wide range of digital applications instantly available on any computer or mobile device with web access.

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What are the Business Advantages of Cloud Based Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

For business owners, the idea of integrating their business with employees’ mobile devices can be a hard move to make. Cloud based mobile device management is the key to keep data secure and ultimately boost productivity. This clip explains how mobile device management can be a simple way to update tracking software, emails, calendars and other web based business functionalities.

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Inspection Software Tracks Cleaning Efficiencies

By adopting inspection software, the custodial team at Creighton University significantly improved their operational efficiency. Tasked with cleaning two million square feet of space that's spread out across 3.5 million square feet of campus, the cleaning staff often missed small details, such as light switches, hard-to-reach cobwebs, and doorknobs. However, using inspection software loaded on iPad minis, the team can communicate and solve cleaning deficiencies with the simple touch of a screen.
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Poor Communication With Cleaning Employees Costs Money, Time, Reputation And More

Your frontline cleaning staff is the face of your business and one of the most important elements of your company's success. They greatly influence how your company's time is spent, the money it makes, your reputation, and future opportunities for growth. Given this, its vital that you are able to communicate all of the processes and procedures they need to do their job. Here is a collection of tips for maximizing communications with your employees.
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July / Aug 2015

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