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Maximize Your Potential for Authentic Leadership

We’re facing a crisis of leadership in this country, especially in the business sector. In fact, a recent Gallup Poll shows that only 22 percent of Americans trust our business leaders. One of the main reasons for this mistrust is that fact that many people have a misguided notion of what constitutes a good leader. Follow these strategies to enhance your own potential for becoming an “authentic” leader.

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Video: 4 Business Basics to Help Your Company Grow

When your business gets busy it can be overwhelming and stressful. In this three minute video you will learn how to stop micromanaging, keep employees accountable, integrate effective training and empower your employees to rise to the occasion. Dave Crenshaw’s lesson shows why employment is so much more than buying peoples’ behavior as he helps entrepreneurs conquer chaos in their day to day operations.
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9 Signs That You are a Bad Manager

Everyone has experienced the kind of turmoil that can result from having a lousy manager. Since bad management is so common, we all have to deal with it on occasion. Here are nine common traits of bad managers, along with tips for how to deal with such behavior in the most constructive way possible.
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What to Do When a Valuable Employee Quits

When you lose one of your best employees, it can be an extremely challenging experience, especially when you have a small staff. If you can't convince the employee to stay, you need to have solid strategies and practices in place to help minimize the potential problems that arise once they leave.
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July / Aug 2015

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