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Ted Qualli has won the Cintas Corp.’s national Janitor of the Year award. Qualli was lauded for going above and beyond his janitorial duties by being a dependable community figure head that can fix almost any problem.


A janitorial airline contractor at LAX has settled a case that occurred after their supervisor had allegedly forbidden employees to speak Spanish during work hours and breaks. Terms of the settlement were not divulged, according to the Daily Breeze. 


Throughout April, janitorial and cleaning supply companies were targeted by scammers in six states: Montana, Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois and Maine. A fake company, under the name Waterford Management, was able to create a total loss of more than $150,000 for victimized businesses, according to WHNT 19 News.

OSHA’s National Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down campaign encourages workers to take a moment to discus safety topics, view safety demonstrations and to set aside time for training in hazard recognition and fall prevention from May 8-12. These stand-downs are an effort to provide an opportunity for employers to talk about hazards, company safety policies as well as goals and expectations with their employees.

The Details in the Dusting: Sweeping Up the Facts on Air Duct Cleaning

Among the trending topics in the industrial cleaning industry is the issue of air quality. Clients are always worried about how clean the air is in their building, especially during the air-conditioning season. For BSCs, this fact can translate into an additional service you can offer your clients. Being able to offer proper air duct cleaning for your clients can help them ensure that they are receiving the highest quality of care from your company.

Cleaning Contractors: Your Green Leadership is Needed

Let’s start with a scenario:

You are a contract cleaner. You were one of the first contract cleaners in your community to adopt a green cleaning strategy, transfer to green cleaning products and methods and market yourself as a green cleaning building service contractor. You took this approach a good 15 years ago, which was a perfect time to join the green cleaning movement. The future looked bright. It appeared more and more businesses were jumping on the green cleaning bandwagon, and some, such as schools, were now required to use green cleaning products and programs.

But that was last year, and a lot may change over the next few years to come.

The Legal Consequences of a Slip-and-Fall Accident

Cleaning contractors know that if a slip-and-fall accident occurs in one of the facilities they maintain, and someone is injured, there is a possibility they will be called into an investigation as to how it happened and if the contractor or anyone is at fault. Because of this, along with doing your part to ensure the safety of building users, it is a good idea for cleaning contractors to be well-versed in the laws in the U.S. concerning slip-and-fall accidents.

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