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Talk Investor takes a look at all the faucets of the commercial cleaning industry.

Labor organizers are honoring custodial workers by holding a day recognizing their struggle for fair wages and safer working environments.

While many perceive the janitorial industry as having a low barrier to entry, experts in the field debunk common misconceptions regarding joining the industry.

A Los Angeles-based organization is investigating wage theft and other abuses in the janitorial industry.

The Cheesecake Factory has been held liable with a contractor for $4.2 million in a janitorial wage theft in a case that may create a new model for holding businesses responsible for abuses by their contractors.

To continue growing your business in the BSC industry, it is important to stay visible to potential customers. The Houston Chronical takes a look at ways you can keep your marketing fresh.

Officials awarded the contract to a French-owned firm despite complaints from the Service Employees International Union.

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