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Managing Mold

Floodwater fills the news reports and the headlines say that Louisiana is experiencing the worst flooding since Hurricane Sandy. This has left some of us wondering: what will happen once the water abates? The cleaning process for extreme water damage is exhaustive and being prepared to deal with the aftermath of water damage is a crucial part of providing comprehensive services that allow your organization to keep growing.

Getting To Know the ISSA Tradeshow

1. Plan before you go: Discuss with your team what products are needed to complement the arsenal of items that you have to combat dirt. 2. Prioritize the list of items before you go: This will help you stay focused during the show. You may wish to develop a top ten list of the most important products that you wish to see.

Tradeshow Triumphs

Back in 1923, Alfred Richter, who founded what was then known as the National Sanitary Supply Association, said the reason he formed the organization was to provide a meeting place of successful distributors, drawn from various metropolitan cities, [which allows them to] exchange ideas that would be beneficial to all. Now known as ISSA, the International Sanitary and Supply Association continues to provide an annual gathering place for JanSan distributors.

Reliable, Resourceful

When Colin Mason was coming of age in the late 1940s, the United Kingdom was in post war ruin. He was recruited by the British Army and traveled to Singapore. Upon his return to Barry, Wales, 20-year-old Colin trained to be a welder, but saw little opportunity to grow his career and build a life for his family.

The Value of Clean

Who defines clean? You or your tenants? Building services cost. But how much should a facility manager pay to have a "clean" building? And who defines clean? Would you buy a Honda and expect it to drive like a Porsche? Why then do we have a similar mindset with our cleaning contract?

A Checkmate in Marketing

No strategy = no plan. No plan = burning precious marketing dollars. So what is missing in the equation? You guessed it: a marketing strategy. Think of a marketing strategy like a game of chess. Sure, you could just move the pieces randomly, but in order to be competitive you need to be thinking two or three steps ahead, if not more. In other words, you need a plan of attack.

Q & A : Michael Doherty on access control

Since 1986, New York City based, Building Maintenance Services (BMS) has provided attention to detail service to a plethora of Fortune 500 companies. Serving the diverse needs of luxury hotels, trophy office properties, colleges and universities, private schools, and corporate facilities BMS offers integrated, sustainable and creative solutions to their clients.

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