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Friday, 05 October 2012 11:23

Beyond Time Cards ExpressInspections simplifies project grading

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Beyond Time Cards
ExpressInspections simplifies project grading
In addition to the ExpressTime Online time-management system, ExpressTime Solutions also produces ExpressInspections, a web-based program that allows BSCs to perform facility inspections using any mobile device with internet access. Managers can access all of this inspection data via the web using their own mobile device or computer, allowing them to better understand clients’ needs and track the company’s overall performance in real time.
“In the past, inspections were done using a clipboard with paper and a pen,” says ExpressTime’s Director of IT and Development Harrall Griffin III. “Then you’d have to go back to the office and put the data into a format the janitor understands, like a janitorial logbook. But (ExpressInspections) lets you grade the inspection at the site, and it immediately puts the information into the computer.”
ExpressInspections lets users create several different inspection formats, which can be as easy or as complex as you want. Such customization allows BSCs to easily tailor their inspections to fit the specific details of any job.
“With ExpressInspections, everything is customizable,” says Griffin. “You create the number of inspection points within a facility yourself, so you can make a simple 10-point inspection for the whole building or set up a hundred inspection points within one office.”
The system not only displays an inspection’s overall composite score, but it can also break the information down into different reports showing specific data segments, such as all offices in a building, or even specific tasks, like dusting. Furthermore, the inspection data can be trended to see how you’re performing over time. “You can take multiple inspections and trend the information,” says Griffin.
“You can’t really trend with paper reports, where you can see you scored 90 one month and 100 another month, but you can’t see where you improved and where you went down without reading all of the comments.”
One of the most notable things about ExpressInspections is that the system was developed by a BSC to help improve his own cleaning services. ExpressSolutions’ owner, David Lee, has run his own janitorial business for 30 years, and he started ExpressSolutions to share some of the technological innovations he developed for his cleaning operations with other BSCs. This means that the applications Lee sells have been tested and adapted specifically for the building service industry.
“With nearly everything we develop, we first test it out in the owner’s cleaning business,” says Griffin. “Once we work out all of the kinks there, we then release the polished version to customers.”
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