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Meet Terry Woodley of Woodley Building Maintenance

When not working at his family-owned business, Woodley Building Maintenance, Terry Woodley can be found spending time with his two sons, Alex, 9 and Drew, 7 and his wife, Joy.

achieved great success since its inception in 1952 in St. Paul, MN. The company, along with its eight cleaning and security entities under the Marsden Holding, L.L.C. umbrella, comprises one of the largest privately...

Saturday, 09 August 2008 14:40

Technological Prowess Is Winning the Day

Technological Prowess Is Winning the Day

The cleaning industry is changing as technological advancements are being rapidly developed and accepted as best practices by more companies every day. the battle to keep pace with an ever-advancing industry.

Yes, it puts a squeeze on your business, but it also puts a squeeze on your competition. Customers are more thoughtful about how they spend their money. They will look closer at...
Saturday, 31 January 2009 19:00

Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere

Last June after record-setting rainfall hit eastern Iowa, flood waters from the Cedar River finally overwhelmed the levees in Waterloo, IA, causing widespread damage in the community. Alliant Energy, one of FBG Service Corporation’s long-time customers, was among those hit the hardest by the disaster.

IMMIGRATION REFORM WILL REMAIN A HOT TOPIC for the United States and BSCAI now that the Obama Administration has taken office. No matter how you look...
Saturday, 09 August 2008 12:47

Woodbine racetrack’s ultimate restoration

cleaning challenges are commonplace for the building service contractor. But sometimes, certain projects can provide challenges that often seem insurmountable. Such was the case for a flooring project this year...

Saturday, 09 August 2008 12:24

Varsity ContraCtors

Heartthis year, bscai presented the industry Hero award—arthur c. Barraclough company community Services award—to arlo luke of varsity contractors...

In this special Year in Review article, Services magazine assembled a cross section of industry professionals for a roundtable discussion and asked pointed questions about...

Saturday, 09 August 2008 11:59

What Does BSCAI Mean to You?

“BSCAI has afforded me many opportunities. From networking with industry professionals to mentoring new members, it has given me so much more than I could ever give back. Personally, it has allowed me to manage...

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