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Commercial janitorial service providers learn how the latest in vacuum cleaner technology reaches the market and changes standards in cleaning services.      

Published in Nov/Dec 2015
What BSCs Should Know About the CRI Seal of Approval

AS more BSCS begin offering carpet cleaning services in the facilities they maintain, many will want to advance from “quick-clean” methods—shampoo, bonnet, or dry cleaning— to what most technicians claim is a superior technology: portable carpet extractors.

Published in Sep/Oct 2015
Putting Heat in the Hot Seat - Comparing cold- and hot-water extractors

Not everyone may be aware of a controversy that has been brewing in the professional carpet cleaning industry for nearly a decade. But as more and more BSCs begin offering carpet-cleaning services to their clients, this argument will likely involve them as well. The gist of the debate surrounds whether to use hot- or cold-water carpet extractors.

Published in Sep/Oct 2014
The Battle Against Germs - BSCs fight to prevent infectious disease

BSCs play a vital role in protecting the health of our indoor environments. As the primary stewards of a building’s cleanliness and safety, custodial workers are on the frontlines when it comes to battling the spread of infections. While in the past infection control was largely relegated to healthcare facilities, the much-publicized threat of illnesses, such as bird flu, swine flu, and MRSA, has caused an increased demand for more stringent cleaning practices.

Published in July/Aug 2014
What BSCs Should Know About Green Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to providing green cleaning services, there are a lot of areas for BSCs to think about. To be truly sustainable, you need to address nearly every facet of your business, not just one or two. That means looking into ways to green up your chemicals, methods, equipment, and business practices.

Published in May/Jun 2014
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 10:35

Establishing a Chemical Safety Program

Published in Mar/Apr 2014
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