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TEAM Software: An Employee-Owned Software Company in Omaha, NE

TEAM Software is an employee-owned software company based in Omaha, NE. TEAM provides solutions and services designed specifically for the builiding service and security industries. For more information about TEAM, visit www.teamsoftware.com.

BR Family of Walkbehind Automatic Scrubbers

Tornado's cylindrical brush automatic scrubbers are designed for environmental sustainability. These units conserve natural resources including water, solution and source materials, and also operate at a whisper-quiet 67 dB, which is perfect for use in noise-sensitive facilities such as hospitals, schools, libraries, restaurants, retail shops, and more. Cylindrical brush technology delivers low moisture deep scrubbing through concentrated brush speeds of 1300 RPM — over six times higher than the speed of comparable rotary brush automatic scrubbers. Cylindrical brushes also provide 4-6 times more contact pressure than rotary brush scrubbing, handling any flat floor surface with ease, as well as structured surfaces such as quarry tile, paver bricks, and raised rubber disc flooring.

Chariot 3 iScrub 26 Commercial