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Michael Jenkins, President, CleanTelligent Software

Michael Jenkins is president of CleanTelligent Software, a software company trusted to help build and preserve relationships. With over 30 years of experience, Jenkins is internationally known as an educator and consultant in the software and service industry. He is a noted subject matter expert on quality, revenue, retention, and productivity. Visit www.CleanTelligent.com or (877) 272-4648.

Wednesday, 07 November 2012 10:41

3 Steps to Efficienct Time Management

A high-quality performance, whether it is on the basketball court or in a cubicle, will only happen if a person is efficient with their time. A company is only as efficient as their worker. It takes discipline to become an effective person. Here are a few tips to start the day right and successfully approach interpersonal interactions and events.


Next to labor, inventory is one of the biggest expenses that building service contractors pay. While BSCs are operating at lower-than-ever profit margins, many of them are biting even further into their profits because of poor management of inventory.

Yes, it puts a squeeze on your business, but it also puts a squeeze on your competition. Customers are more thoughtful about how they spend their money. They will look closer at...

Of all the processes available to the people in charge of maintaining a building, none is more under-utilized than sweeping exterior areas. To recognize the importance of sweeping you must understand a few key facts in regards to everything that is done to clean the interior of a building:

We surveyed several companies in the United States and Canada to see how cleaning companies are increasing their revenues in this tough economy. There is one key element that all of these companies are using—technology!