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OK, We Have a Budget. Now What?

6 Tips for Effectively Managing Your Budget

Much has been written about the value of having a budget to manage the financial affairs of a business. And the premise of all those paragraphs of prose is correct: A budget is the most powerful way to achieve profit goals.

First, Do No Harm

The phrase “First, do no harm” originates from the Latin phrase “Primum non nocere” and is most famous for being part of the Hippocratic oath doctors take. While floor care is certainly never as critical as emergency situations encountered in the medical field, the concept of “First, do no harm” does have application for us in building maintenance.

The Difference is in the Details

The difference between success and failure often comes down to the smallest details. For example, the 1986 World Series may have had an entirely different outcome if the ground ball that made its way under the glove of Bill Buckner in game six had been stopped.

Immigrants Find the American Dream with Commercial Cleaning Franchise

In today's economy, finding the "American Dream" can be about as likely as a million dollar Powerball win. However, for two commercial cleaning franchisees, it proved to be readily attainable.

If your company is like most, the fourth quarter of the year inevitably brings with it the joyous process of budgeting for the coming year. That said, cleaning equipment should be one of the most important items on your budget.