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Saturday, 09 August 2008 15:08

Meet Terry Woodley of Woodley Building Maintenance

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When not working at his family-owned business, Woodley Building

Maintenance in Kansas City, Terry Woodley can be found spending time with his two sons, Alex, 9 and Drew, 7 and his wife, Joy. He also loves golfing, NASCAR and NFL football as well as officiating high school football and basketball games.

Just how does this busy professional and BSCAI member balance it all?

“I’m a low stress person,” Woodley explains. “I generally don’t have a problem balancing my personal and family life. However, when work dictates it, I’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. And, when family dictates, I’m there for them as well.

Family is a huge part of Woodley’s life. After earning an accounting degree from the University of Missouri in 1988 and a CPA license in 1992, he worked for Touche Ross (now known as Deloitte). After spending four years there and another five as a CFO for a private firm in the Kansas City area, he decided to pursue an opportunity in the company that his parents Jimmy and robery Woodley started in 1969.

"i generally don’t have a problem balancing my personal and family life. however, when work dictates it, i’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done."

“The plan was for me to help shore up the accounting and financial side of the company,” says Woodley. “Shortly after I joined the company, our salesperson took a leave of absence for health reasons, so i fell into that role. I had some success early on in sales, so naturally, i fell in love with the sales side of the business. today, I consider myself to be the ‘customer guy.’ although i wear many hats here, i’m largely responsible for getting the customer—i oversee the sales team—and keeping the customer. My parents are still active in the business and my younger sister, tiffany Woodley, also a cPa, is our company’s cFo.”

Woodley Building Maintenance serves clients in many different industries ranging from commercial offi ce buildings to medical facilities to industrial/manufacturing facilities. With more than 1,000 employees, the company has customers in fi ve states

“We serve clients in Missouri, Kansas, ohio, Kentucky, indiana, arizona and Florida,” says Woodley. “last year, we were awarded an indoor sports arena, which presents challenges we never faced before. though we made our share of mistakes along the way, this is an area that we consider ourselves to be pretty good at now. in fact, we have since picked up another sports arena and are in the consideration for several other similar opportunities.”

Although he, like many BScs, face challenges such as attracting and retaining good employees, Woodley says another subset of that issue is undocumented workers. “Several states are taking action in terms of putting together concrete instructions for dealing with this issue. this is helpful for contractors in that it gives us a chance to understand what’s required of us from a legal standpoint.”

He adds that there seems to be so many confl icting guidelines from so many different governmental entities. “Perhaps after this election year, Washington DC can craft a solution that is fair to american companies and it workers.”

Another major issue is the sagging economy. “our clients are requesting reduced service days and lower pricing without reducing the expectations. We have to continue to come up with innovative ways to keep our customers happy.”

Even with all these challenges, Woodley says he loves being able to serve his customers. “Even though our company has grown substantially over the last few years, we’ve still been able to maintain a personal touch with our customers. that’s one of the founding principles this company was founded on and it will be that way as long as i’m involved.”

He cites his largest accomplishment to date—besides his family—as the growth that Woodley Building Maintenance has experienced since he came on board. “It’s been rewarding to see something that my parents worked so hard to start and build, explode into more than they could have ever imagined.”

He credits his membership in BScai as part of this success. He father, Jimmy, has been a member since the 1970s and served on the board of directors in the 80s.

“Since I joined the company in 1997, i have been to every annual convention and every executive Seminar,” says Woodley. “i have been asked to speak at three conventions and have attended the last three ceo seminars and have really gotten enormous value from attending all these meetings. in addition, i have served on and chaired a number of committees. i currently serve on the board of directors and have been nominated as treasurer beginning in 2009 if approved by membership.”

He says the biggest value of BSCAI membership is the networking. “It’s amazing how many times i’ve called other BScai members to ask them about a specifi c project or how they may have solved a particular issue. not once has any of those “potential competitors” refused to take my call or answer my questions.”

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