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Maximize Profit with Powerful Scheduling Tools

For BSCs, the key to a profitable business is effectively managing the hours contracted with the client. There are many things that must happen to accomplish this task, including scheduling qualified, trained workers; avoiding overtime; a smooth, efficient payroll and billing process; and proactively using management reports to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Of all the scintillating topics to discuss when it comes to cleaning equipment, perhaps none rises to the top faster than the subject of power cords. All kidding aside, while this may not be the most interesting topic we will ever discuss, it is an important topic when it comes to the safety of the operator and your pocketbook.

An Effective Alternative to Bonnet Cleaning

For many years one of the most widely used solutions for interim carpet care has been the bonnet cleaning method. Bonnet cleaning is the process of applying a cleaning agent to a cloth disc, called a “bonnet,” and using a 175 RPM lowspeed machine to spin the bonnet over the carpet.

GPS Services for Your Business

GPS, or “global positioning systems,” have been around for a number of years, and most of us are familiar with it as a widely used navigational aid and a useful tool for map-making, land surveying, commerce and scientific uses. However, GPS can also be a valuable tool for BSCs.

New Technology Drives  Window Cleaning Industry

Many building service contractors (BSCs) outsource their window cleaning to professional window cleaning companies due to liability and safety concerns combined with the perceived complexity of the task at hand. However, with new technology, all BSCs can profitably clean exterior glass up to 50 feet without the past safety risks.

Sweeping: An Effective Method for Preventing Soil from Entering Your Facility

Of all the processes available to the people in charge of maintaining a building, none is more under-utilized than sweeping exterior areas. To recognize the importance of sweeping you must understand a few key facts in regards to everything that is done to clean the interior of a building:

Stand-On Machines New Technology for Old Challenges

With all of the new developments in cleaning equipment over the past few years, one of the most exciting to emerge is stand-on equipment. Stand-on equipment offers a number of advantages in operational costs, safety and productivity that will help you get the job done faster than conventional walk-behind or rider units.

Technology Review: Green Continues to Reign

In the last five years to 10 years, the cleaning industry has undergone more dramatic change in the areas of technology and new products than in the past 50 years. The green movement has grown dramatically, and the progression in technology has led to better training and more competition.