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Playing Against the A-Team:
How you can help alleviate seasonal allergies for your clients
The Value of Clean

Who defines clean? You or your tenants? Building services cost. But how much should a facility manager pay to have a "clean" building? And who defines clean? Would you buy a Honda and expect it to drive like a Porsche? Why then do we have a similar mindset with our cleaning contract?

A Checkmate in Marketing

No strategy = no plan. No plan = burning precious marketing dollars. So what is missing in the equation? You guessed it: a marketing strategy. Think of a marketing strategy like a game of chess. Sure, you could just move the pieces randomly, but in order to be competitive you need to be thinking two or three steps ahead, if not more. In other words, you need a plan of attack.

Q & A : Michael Doherty on access control

Since 1986, New York City based, Building Maintenance Services (BMS) has provided attention to detail service to a plethora of Fortune 500 companies. Serving the diverse needs of luxury hotels, trophy office properties, colleges and universities, private schools, and corporate facilities BMS offers integrated, sustainable and creative solutions to their clients.

University of Florida: Cleaning for a New Millennial Workforce

The University Of Florida’s student center, the Reitz Union is named after Dr. J. Wayne Reitz who was the fifth president of the university, serving from 1955 – 1967. Dr. Reitz presided over a period of unprecedented growth and change at the University of Florida. Hundreds of new facilities were constructed in those twelve years and the UF student population grew from nine-thousand to nearly twentythousand.

Mirroring an Affinity for Clean

In 2002 a partnership began between Paul Senecal, owner of United Services of America, Inc. (USA) and Michael Diamond of Premier Maintenance Inc. The two successful businessmen formed United Services and entered into an equal partnership in profit and decision-making. Both companies continued to grow within their markets as Senecal and Diamond expanded their reach serving customers in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Toxic Shock

Bathrooms are the most utilized and most germ infested spaces in a facility. How you choose to clean these areas is largely based on efficacy and cost. As we will discuss in depth, the individual ingredients on the side of the bottle and the information regarding the compound on the Material Safety Data Sheet effect the health and wellbeing of employees and others exposed to their toxic attributes.

Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies carry bacteria. The products we use to clean need to be cleaned themselves in order to do their job better, last longer and save you money. Every type of brush, broom, mop, bucket and other cleaning supply needs to be cleaned differently. The most important thing is to look at the instructions from the manufacturer or check out the company’s website for information on how to properly clean your supplies.

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