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The Wild West
A look at recent BSC news and industry hot topics from America's most diverse region

Social media is a unique marketing tool because it allows you to directly interact with your customers and potential customers. One area where social media interaction can be extremely effective is in communicating what steps your company is taking to “go green.”

Saturday, 31 January 2009 19:00

The Challenge of Cleaning for Sports

The Challenge of Cleaning for Sports

When the subject of challenging cleaning situations comes up, I always think of the years that our company cleaned for the athletic department of a major southeastern university. The main sports were football in the fall, basketball in winter and baseball in the spring.

Saving Energy and Boosting Income with BEMS

Due to the stagnant state of the economy and rising energy costs, BSCs should constantly be on the lookout for ways to save clients’ money through reduced energy consumption. One excellent way for BSCs to not only conserve energy, but also create a valuable new source of revenue is through the use of building energy management systems (BEMS).

Eliminate Time Card Hassles
Managing employee time and attendance on the job has always been tedious aspect of any business, and with stricter regulations being imposed by the Department of Labor in recent years, timekeeping must be performed more accurately than ever.
Capitalize on Human Capital Now to Reap Dividends Later

The success of a business is defined by the strength of its management team. Because typical building service companies have a bottom-heavy business model—a concentration of unskilled labor delivering service at the bottom of the organization and a few managers at the top—it is even more critical for leadership to be well skilled.

How One BSC Reluctantly Embraced Social Media...and Discovered a Powerful New Marketing Tool

“Social Media doesn’t work! It will never match print advertising and marketing in the building services industry.”

That was me about a year ago. When the social media craze first hit and Facebook and Twitter were being mentioned everywhere, I shrugged off the technology as childish and pointless. In fact, I didn’t even have a Facebook page until my wife insisted I stop being an “old man” and get one.

BSCs and Distributors: Partnering for Profit

One of the common areas cleaning contractors look to when trying to save money is the cleaning supplies and equipment they purchase. While it is commendable to be frugal, sometimes you can make decisions that cost you considerably more dollars in the long run.

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