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Recession: A Great Time for Sales Growth

A challenging economic climate can be the best time to grow your business because you can take the time to really focus on the accounts you want to do business with.

While many of the changes brought about because of "green" cleaning are good for the environment, building occupants and the bottom line, a disturbing trend has emerged: replacing vacuums with sweepers on carpeted surfaces.

IT and Hardware Choices Aid BSCs Immensely

Depending on the size of your company, IT (information technology) and hardware systems can run the gamut from fairly simplistic to too futuristic for even the Jetsons. However, when broken down into manageable sections, ensuring your company has the right-sized IT system need not be as frightening a prospect as you might think.

Software Applications That Make Life Easier

In today’s building services contracting industry, the need for sophisticated computer systems has never been greater. As the industry continues to progress, BSCs are faced with a growing number of software applications that can make both their businesses and lives run more efficiently.

Pricing Your Proposals Accurately: Determining Labor’s Hidden Costs

Have you ever delivered a proposal (not a bid) where you “just knew” you were going to get the account? Your presentation went excellent, all the buying signs from the prospect were there, and you left confident you would be selected to perform the service. But then they proceed to explain that you came in second to another company.

The Evolution of Green Floor Care: Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaning on the Rise

Paying a visit to my old elementary school, the school’s custodian showed me how using a magic marker he placed colored dots between each coat of floor finish as it was applied in certain hallways. If I remember correctly, he used a red dot after the second coat of finish, a blue dot after the third, and a yellow dot after the fourth. As time went on and the finish wore away, the dots told him how many coats of finish were still left on the floor.

Making Pest Control More Effective—and Green: The Latest Advances in Pest Control Technology

In the past decade, new technologies have given facility managers and BSCs the opportunity to make their buildings run more effectively and efficiently. The same goes for the pest management industry, which over the past few years has introduced new technology that can help your facility manage pests more efficiently—and with less impact on the environment.

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