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Drying Out The South
How to deal with cleaning up after a major hurricane
Equipment and Green Cleaning

If you have been in the cleaning industry for any length of time you have probably heard the term “cleaning green” roughly a million times. Today, the word “green” has changed colors and become little more than white noise. It seems that everyone is labeling everything they possibly can as “green” in a race to market products to the industry.

Branching Out Requires Much Research and Drive

Adding a second location could be just the right move to elevate your company to the next level. But if you don’t do the proper research, you could end up hemorrhaging your main office with disastrous results.

One of the most common misunderstandings cleaners have when cleaning carpets is the role of the carpet extractor. Many cleaners regard it as a magic machine that can be run over carpet to remove soil without any real regard to what is actually taking place where the solution meets the fiber. As a result, many are left with carpets that look almost worse after cleaning.

Paper Product Innovations: Focus On the Environment

These days, there are a number of new paper products on the market for building service contractors, which have hygiene and the environment at the top of their list of priorities.

Software Application with a Financial Focus

There are many software products out there designed specifically to help BSCs manage their finances.

Unraveling the Mystery  of Cleaning for Health

If you’ve been in the cleaning business for any length of time, you are probably familiar with the terms “cleaning for appearance” and “cleaning for health.” In recent years, cleaning for health has been a way for building services contractors to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to proactively respond to societal concern about environmental safety and human health.

Flying Pests Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Flying pest populations often soar with the arrival of summer’s warm temperatures. Houseflies and smaller insects, like fruit and fungus flies, as well as mosquitoes and nuisance birds take to the air this time of year looking for a place to beat the heat.

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