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After the two disasters rocked Texas and Florida, jobs in the BSC arena increased dramatically for a short period of time as everyone pitched in to help recovery and relief efforts.

After Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma rocked the southern U.S., OSHA has released its preparedness guide and response resources for dealing with hurricanes and their aftermath.

Over the past decade or more, we have heard the word “outsourcing” used quite a bit. It often refers to the outsourcing of work from North American factories, for instance, to factories in other parts of the world.

Diversification: Mow Lawns, More Money

Adding on landscaping services to your existing business model as a BSC can be a low-cost endeavor that diversifies what you can offer your clients. Landscaping services can encompass a whole host of additional tasks you can complete to enhance your business and your clients' experiences with you. With the bar for entry set at a relatively low-cost, the options for what you can do with this service in your BSC are numerous.

Tackling Technology

Janitorial Consultant Tony Maione is keeping his finger on the technological pulse of the BSC industry. As technology advances, new ways to solve industry-related problems such as workforce management, employee satisfaction and retention, client payment, on-site inspections and communication between team members is developing.

Call It A Come Back

Michael Hansen, operations manager at Mark’s Cleaning Service in Medina, Ohio, understands the dangers of complacency in the BSC arena. As an operations manager for 18 years, Hansen has an insider’s perspective as to what happens when a BSC is in need of a comeback. “We all thought we were doing pretty well, but if we looked back at several years of what we were doing revenuewise we were vacillating,” Hansen said.

Determine & Decide How to Find (and keep) Your Clients

Many years ago, a cleaning contractor built his business by just parking his car and calling on every office and building manager up and down the street. It did not matter whether the firm was a bank, a school, an office building, or, in at least two cases, a mortuary. This strategy worked and he picked up new clients, but over time he realized that most of the companies that hired him were architectural firms.

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