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Technological Prowess Is Winning the Day

The cleaning industry is changing as technological advancements are being rapidly developed and accepted as best practices by more companies every day. the battle to keep pace with an ever-advancing industry.

Published in Archives
Eliminate Time Card Hassles
Managing employee time and attendance on the job has always been tedious aspect of any business, and with stricter regulations being imposed by the Department of Labor in recent years, timekeeping must be performed more accurately than ever.
Published in Sep/Oct 2012
How One BSC Reluctantly Embraced Social Media...and Discovered a Powerful New Marketing Tool

“Social Media doesn’t work! It will never match print advertising and marketing in the building services industry.”

That was me about a year ago. When the social media craze first hit and Facebook and Twitter were being mentioned everywhere, I shrugged off the technology as childish and pointless. In fact, I didn’t even have a Facebook page until my wife insisted I stop being an “old man” and get one.

Published in Sep/Oct 2012
PRODUCT FOCUS: A High-Tech, Green Future for BSCs

While the stagnant economy has garnered lots of attention lately, two other issues—technology and the green movement—have also transformed the janitorial business over the past few years.

Published in Jul/Aug 2012
GPS Services for Your Business

GPS, or “global positioning systems,” have been around for a number of years, and most of us are familiar with it as a widely used navigational aid and a useful tool for map-making, land surveying, commerce and scientific uses. However, GPS can also be a valuable tool for BSCs.

Published in Technology
Social Media for BSCs: An Introduction

Social networks dominate the internet in a big way: 80 percent of Americans use a social network and 23 percent of all time spent online is spent on a social networking site. With these numbers growing all the time, businesses without a social media presence are left behind.

Published in Mar/Apr 2012
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