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Maximize Profit with Powerful Scheduling Tools

For BSCs, the key to a profitable business is effectively managing the hours contracted with the client. There are many things that must happen to accomplish this task, including scheduling qualified, trained workers; avoiding overtime; a smooth, efficient payroll and billing process; and proactively using management reports to identify strengths and weaknesses.

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Don’t Let Bed Bugs Bite Back

Bed bugs have made a big comeback over the past decade. After being nearly eradicated from American society by the early 1960s, this nighttime stalker has resurfaced and found its way into a wide range of residential and commercial properties from apartments and hotels to offices and nursing homes.

Published in Mar/Apr 2013
April 08, 2013

Working in the Cloud

Working in the Cloud

Cloud computing is one of today’s most pervasive tech trends— but ironically, it’s still running under a lot of people’s radar. In fact, many businesses are currently using cloud computing on a regular basis without being aware of it


Published in Mar/Apr 2013
High Tech Reporting: Technology at Your Fingertips

We recently reached out to BSCAI contract security member Ralph Brislin. He is the president of United Security Management Services in Cleveland, Ohio and has been an innovator of technological advances for the security profession over the years.

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Is It Time to Give Your Website a "Marketing Makeover?"

 In recent years there has been a huge movement in businesses extending their marketing and advertising strategies onto the Internet. However, businesses frequently make huge mistakes in their approach to building and maintaining their websites.

Published in Jun/Jul 2010
Robots: The Future of Cleaning?

While robots have been a part of the American economy for decades, from primary sector industries such as mining and agriculture to secondary sector industries such as manufacturing, the service industry has yet to integrate robotics to a significant extent.

Published in May/Jun 2012
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