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Compensation Mistakes That Cost

Compensation is an investment, and, as such, should offer a return.

Published in External Articles
Our Greatest Asset is  Our Employees

Did you know that the average turnover rate in the janitorial industry is approximately 250 percent? Turnover is not only very costly, but it creates inconsistency that can translate to loss of clients. There are several ways that you can attract good employees and, most importantly, keep them.

Published in Nov/Dec 2011
Hiring and Training in Today’s Market

Even though it’s an employer’s market in today’s tough economy, hiring and training the right person for a position within your company is still a tough job. It’s easy to end up hiring the wrong person. After all, hindsight is 20/20, but it’s an error that can be quite costly, so persistence and patience can help one’s efforts pay off.

Published in Apr/May 2010
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