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Goals, Objectives, and Accountability: Key Ingredients to Employee Performance

I often speak of the “three evils” of hiring a new employee—the selection process, training process and last, but not least, the responsibility and accountability process. Fundamentally, besides typical poor hiring decisions/promotions and a lack of concise training, the biggest flaw we notice in the hiring process is the failure of companies to develop goals and objectives.

Published in Human Resources
Hiring the Right Person

Hiring the right person to fill a position within your company is probably one of the toughest business decisions a building service contractor can make. Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake that can adversely affect your bottom line. This is especially true when hiring an operations manager or another management position.

Published in Human Resources
Be a Magnetic Employer: How to Attract and Keep Employees

As cleaning business owners and managers, we want to attract dependable, productive and motivated employees. But too often we waste time, money and energy hiring a “warm body” instead of figuring out how to use our own company’s magnetism to attract the right people.

Published in Human Resources
Growing Your Business From the Inside

We always think of growing our business with outside sales staff. When we recruit, hire and train sales staff, it can take three to six months or more. After that, it usually takes up to one year before a sales employee starts to be productive and understand the business. Why not hire from within?

Published in Feb/Mar 2010
People are the Heart of Our Business: The Priceless Value of Choosing the Right People

What is the most highly ranked skill for a successful executive, according to the latest Harvard Business School study? “Personnel selection” by far leads the way over persistence, knowledge, focus, etc. In my experience, I have found this to be true—people are the heart of our business.

Published in Jan/Feb 2013
Compensating and Managing BSC Salespeople

The question of what to pay BSC salespeople is one of the most discussed topics within our industry. Do I pay salary only? Salary plus commission? Commission only? There are about as many ways to compensate salespeople as there are salespeople, but in this article we want to address what I consider to be the most popular and effective plans.

Published in Jan/Feb 2013
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