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Is Day Cleaning Right For You?

While a majority of BSCs clean their clients’ facilities after normal business hours—typically at night—many are now switching to day cleaning for a number of reasons. Outside of the environmental benefits due to reduced energy consumption and other factors, there are several additional positive effects for your clients, building tenants, and your staff when you move your cleaning operations to the daytime.

Published in May/Jun 2015
A Green Refresher - Clearing up the Confusion about Green Cleaning

While there have been numerous articles in this publication and others discussing green cleaning strategies, the reality is that many BSCs are still hesitant to go green in their operations. When asked why, many say they simply do not get enough demand from their customers. Additionally, some BSCs actually believe green cleaning solutions are made of stuff like grass and wheat germ, and feel these products do not perform as well as traditional ones.

Published in May/Jun 2015
The Big Green Game Changer

Many Cleaning Contractors may not be aware of it, but there is a big game changer coming their way when it comes to green cleaning—and it has little if anything to do with cleaning. A growing movement is underway to make the professional sports industry greener, and because professional sports is one of the largest and most powerful industries in the country, this move should have a significant impact on just about every other industry.

Published in May/Jun 2015
A Closer Look at Green Floor Care

There are numerous ways contract cleaners can make their floor-care programs greener, especially when it comes to stripping and refinishing. And while this is certainly a pressing issue for BSCs to look into right now, with more and more facilities in both the private and public sectors transferring from carpeting to hard-surface floors, green floor cleaning will become even more important in the years to come.

Published in May/Jun 2015
BSCs and Energy Conservation

When competing for new clients, it's not enough for BSCs to just tout how thoroughly they can clean a client’s facility.

Published in May/Jun 2015
Schools, Cleaning, and Health - Two failing schools saved after extensive cleaning and remodeling

The story of Charles Young Elementary School in Washington, D.C., goes down in cleaning history as one of the most important experiments on how a rundown educational facility can be cleaned and revitalized with several positive results.

Published in July/Aug 2014
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