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Green Seal Releases Revised Standard for Sanitary Paper Products

Green Seal has announced the release of its revised Standard for Sanitary Paper Products, GS‑1. This standard establishes environmental, health, and social requirements for a wide array of paper products, and sets a much higher bar for leadership in the industry.

Published in Jan/Feb 2011
Best Cleaning Practices Sanitary Product Disposal Receptacles

The "Best Cleaning Practices for Sanitary Product Disposal Receptacles" offers guidelines on how to clean and maintain the most contaminated fixture in women's restrooms.

Published in Green Cleaning
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 10:10

Technology Review: Green Continues to Reign

Technology Review: Green Continues to Reign

In the last five years to 10 years, the cleaning industry has undergone more dramatic change in the areas of technology and new products than in the past 50 years. The green movement has grown dramatically, and the progression in technology has led to better training and more competition.

Published in Technology
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