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Cleaning Contractors: Your Green Leadership is Needed

Let’s start with a scenario:

You are a contract cleaner. You were one of the first contract cleaners in your community to adopt a green cleaning strategy, transfer to green cleaning products and methods and market yourself as a green cleaning building service contractor. You took this approach a good 15 years ago, which was a perfect time to join the green cleaning movement. The future looked bright. It appeared more and more businesses were jumping on the green cleaning bandwagon, and some, such as schools, were now required to use green cleaning products and programs.

But that was last year, and a lot may change over the next few years to come.

Published in Northeast Spring 2017
Servicon’s Strategy of Building a World Class Cleaning Company

California based, Servicon got started with Air Force contracts in 1973. They are now a janitorial service company empire because they put customers first

Published in Mar/Apr 2016
Lower Costs of Disinfection | Q & A with Dr. Benjamin Tanner

The most common myth I hear about disinfection is that all cleaners disinfect, and that’s not the case. Most green cleaners do not disinfect and I is very important for BSCs to verify that they actually kill germs. For chemicals, you can look for something that’s an EPA registered disinfectant. Then for devices, you want to look for a manufacturer that has ample data showing that their product actually kills microorganisms.

Published in Equipment Review
Becoming the ‘Father of Green Cleaning’ - An interview with Stephen Ashkin

Many people in the building service industry know Stephen Ashkin as the “Father of Green Cleaning.” But what they don’t know is just how many years it took him to earn this title and why he is considered such a leader in the green cleaning movement, not only in North America, but around the world.

Published in Sep/Oct 2015
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