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What’s in the Bag?

Most Building Service Contractors (BSCs)are aware that as a result of new technologies and more effective filtration systems, today’s commercial vacuum cleaners are much healthier for both the operator and building users than ever before.

Published in Jul/Aug 2015
A Closer Look at Green Floor Care

There are numerous ways contract cleaners can make their floor-care programs greener, especially when it comes to stripping and refinishing. And while this is certainly a pressing issue for BSCs to look into right now, with more and more facilities in both the private and public sectors transferring from carpeting to hard-surface floors, green floor cleaning will become even more important in the years to come.

Published in May/Jun 2015
Simple Strategies for Solving Common Floor Care Problems

A building service contractor and his cleaning crew in California had just stripped the main walkway of a pier along San Francisco Bay.

Published in Mar/Apr 2015
BSCS on the Frontline in Floor Safety

As long as humans walk around on two legs, there will always be the potential for slip, trip, and fall accidents.

Published in Mar/Apr 2015
Helpful Tips for Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors

Cleaning ceramic tile floors—and keeping them clean—can often seem like quite a tedious task.

Published in Mar/Apr 2015
Assessing Hard-Surface Floor Types - Properly identifying floor materials is essential for cleaning

When submitting a bid for cleaning a facility, many BSCs offer some initial cleaning at the start of service—a technique that can often swing the deal to help them secure the contract. These extra services, which usually involve carpet cleaning or floor cleaning, stripping and refinishing, are offered at a very advantageous price and many times for free.

Published in Nov/Dec 2014
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