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Floor Care: Viewing the Total Building

A recent survey of building service contractors indicated that most locations BSCs now clean are equally divided between carpet and hard-surface flooring. When asked if they expect one or the other to be installed more often in years to come, no dramatic change was expected.

Published in Technology
A New Approach to Chemical-Free Stripping

One of the most innovative changes to occur in hard floor maintenance over the past few years is the concept of chemical-free stripping. The concept is not really new, as it uses technology that has been around for years.

Published in Sustainability
Sweeping: An Effective Method for Preventing Soil from Entering Your Facility

Of all the processes available to the people in charge of maintaining a building, none is more under-utilized than sweeping exterior areas. To recognize the importance of sweeping you must understand a few key facts in regards to everything that is done to clean the interior of a building:

Published in Technology
Vacuuming Tips for Health and Safety

Not long ago, a reader asked for practical tips on vacuuming, noting flooring retailers need to better understand practical, useful vacuuming tips to be able to share with their customers. This situation is equally true for carpet and rug cleaners.

Published in May/Jun 2011
June 20, 2011

First, Do No Harm

First, Do No Harm

The phrase “First, do no harm” originates from the Latin phrase “Primum non nocere” and is most famous for being part of the Hippocratic oath doctors take. While floor care is certainly never as critical as emergency situations encountered in the medical field, the concept of “First, do no harm” does have application for us in building maintenance.

Published in Business
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