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A Whole New (Pig) Way to Keep Floors Safe

Building Service Contractors are no strangers to slips, trips, and falls. After all, they're the #2 cause of injuries in the U.S. and account for 40% of workers-comp and liability claims to the tune of $70 billion per year. Wet, slippery floors can be a big, expensive problem.

Published in Nov/Dec 2016
Change Blindness and Floors

Going back a good one hundred years, early filmmakers had a lot of trouble controlling lighting, largely because the movies were shot outside, so there would be times in the day, such as around noon, when it would be very bright outside. But then by three or four in the afternoon the sun would go down affecting the lighting of the film.

Published in Mar/Apr 2016
Servicon’s Strategy of Building a World Class Cleaning Company

California based, Servicon got started with Air Force contracts in 1973. They are now a janitorial service company empire because they put customers first

Published in Mar/Apr 2016
Shifting Paradigms: Cedar Rapids Schools’ CleaningCulture

What began as a part-time custodial job while attending college, has matured into a lifelong vocation for Matthew Dunbar, Manager of Custodial and Grounds for the Cedar Rapids Community School District, (CRCSD). In this role, Dunbar directs custodian janitor operations for the second largest school district in Iowa; overseeing one hundred-fifteen building engineers and custodians spread out amongst thirty-three facilities.

Published in Mar/Apr 2016
Chemical-Free Cleaning in the Spotlight - H2O-only machines offer a hot option for BSCs

About six years ago, the professional cleaning industry was introduced to automatic scrubbers that could clean and maintain floors by electrically converting regular tap water into a cleaning agent. While there was certainly some controversy about these systems when they were first introduced—mainly revolving around claims about their cleaning effectiveness— these days chemical-free floor machines appear to be quite popular and are now used around the world.

Published in Sep/Oct 2015
What BSCs Should Know About the CRI Seal of Approval

AS more BSCS begin offering carpet cleaning services in the facilities they maintain, many will want to advance from “quick-clean” methods—shampoo, bonnet, or dry cleaning— to what most technicians claim is a superior technology: portable carpet extractors.

Published in Sep/Oct 2015
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