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September 09, 2016

The Value of Clean

The Value of Clean

Who defines clean? You or your tenants? Building services cost. But how much should a facility manager pay to have a "clean" building? And who defines clean? Would you buy a Honda and expect it to drive like a Porsche? Why then do we have a similar mindset with our cleaning contract?

Published in Sep/Oct 2016
Why a Franchise Worked for Me

One of the biggest decisions for individuals with a relentless entrepreneurial itch is deciding what business opportunity to pursue. There are a great deal of industries and sub industries to choose from. For some individuals, after deciding what industry or business venture to pursue, the next decision is whether to start a business from scratch or use a proven system designed for potential franchise owners.

Published in Jan/Feb 2016
Quality Labor and Increasing Minimum Wage

With recent mandates in minimum wage increases across the US, hiring a quality staff has become a challenge for BSCs. Hiring professional, dependable, and motivated employees, while keeping rates low enough to win bids is a real challenge. As the President and CEO of The Kleane Kare Team, I have learned by trial and error how to run a successful business.

Published in Nov/Dec 2015
Liability, Friction and Floors: Who's to blame when someone falls?

Several years ago, a cleaning contractor in northern California was thrown on the hot seat before he even knew exactly what had happened. His company cleaned several branches of a major California bank as well as one of their offices.

Published in Nov/Dec 2015

(BOISE, ID.) ProTeam®, the company that created the original and Next Generation backpack vacuums, was named Vendor of the Year by JAN-PRO®, the worldwide commercial cleaning franchise.

Published in Industry Releases
To Franchise or Not to Franchise

Weighing the pros and cons of franchising for contract cleaners. In many ways, the employment situation in the United States has changed dramatically over the past five years. Companies that had to lay off employees during the recession have yet to hire people to replace them. Often these companies realized they could get by with fewer workers.

Published in Mar/Apr 2014
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