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Water: The Next Step in Sustainability

As water becomes an increasingly limited resource, water conservation, reuse, and (in many parts of the country) rationing, will become more important in ensuring a water supply that is accessible to all, and that can remain a truly renewable resource.

Published in May/Jun 2012
December 13, 2012

Power Cord Maintenance

Published in Technology
September 10, 2012

Clean Up Now, Pay Later

Published in Equipment Review
An Effective Alternative to Bonnet Cleaning

For many years one of the most widely used solutions for interim carpet care has been the bonnet cleaning method. Bonnet cleaning is the process of applying a cleaning agent to a cloth disc, called a “bonnet,” and using a 175 RPM lowspeed machine to spin the bonnet over the carpet.

Published in Technology
Managing Your Business Costs Through Leasing

Due to changes in today’s economic climate, cleaning professionals must become familiar with financial tools like leasing. Leasing offers the flexibility of handling possible budget constraints through monthly payments, instead of allocating a large portion of a company’s budget up front.

Published in Jun/Jul 2010
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