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Save Money and the  Planet by Conserving Water: Water-Saving Cleaning Technology Boosts Business

These days, going “green” is much more than a fad—it’s an important part of a BSC’s business strategy. However, with Americans using more water per day than ever before and the population constantly growing, we’re going to have to add a bluer shade of color to how we define sustainability.

Published in May/Jun 2013
Don't Let Mold Take Hold

Chances are good that you have used specialty mold- or moisture-resistant wallboard for interior wet areas. You probably thought that it was money well spent to avoid the health hazards and legal liabilities associated with mold. If you don't use mold-resistant drywall compound and joint tape, you may not be getting the protection you paid for.

Published in Technology
Don’t Let Bed Bugs Bite Back

Bed bugs have made a big comeback over the past decade. After being nearly eradicated from American society by the early 1960s, this nighttime stalker has resurfaced and found its way into a wide range of residential and commercial properties from apartments and hotels to offices and nursing homes.

Published in Mar/Apr 2013
Microfiber Cleaning Systems

One of the major recent innovations in cleaning products is based on microscopic technology: man-made fibers much finer than a single human hair. Comprehensive professional cleaning systems designed around microfiber fabric have been developed and refined over the past several years.

Published in May/Jun 2012
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