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Drying Out The South
How to deal with cleaning up after a major hurricane


OSHA is giving more time for employers to become familiar with the system created for electronic reporting, giving employers a two-week extension from the original date of compliance on Dec. 1 to Dec. 15.


Tuesday, 21 November 2017 11:25

OSHA Establishes Robotics Alliance

OSHA has established a two-year alliance with the Robotic Industries Association and NIOSHA. The alliance is geared toward improving awareness of occupational hazards from both industrial robots and advancing robot technology.

Normal enforcement by OSHA has resumed in most of Florida and Georgia following the agency ceasing most programmed enforcement after Hurricane Irma.

In any facility maintained by cleaning contractors, invariably, something will be spilled on the floor. It may happen more frequently in schools, and, of course, food service areas, but it can also happen often in office buildings, hotels, convention centers and airports. When a spill occurs, hopefully it ends up on a hard surface floor. Spills on carpet can be much more difficult to clean up. And even more important, hopefully no one slips and falls because of the spill or gets sick as a result of the substance that spilled on the floor.

Odor problems at manufacturing facilities can be unexpected, and can work against the production the facility is meant to accomplish. It starts out as a nuisance or a non-compliance issue, but can become a much bigger problem. Solving the problem requires analyzing how a facility’s processes generate and disperse odorous air, and then identifying an appropriate odor control solution.

We have all been there at one point of our career: the opportunity comes to advance in our company or we take on a position with another BSC to grow in the industry. However it happens, building relationships with other employees becomes paramount to our success. I remember early in my career how hard it was to get employees to work on quality or even respond when I’d leave messages for them. It was frustrating and made me push that much harder on them. The more I pushed, the less they responded. This took place for a while until they spoke up. Unfortunately, they spoke up to Mark Skoda, the owner, and not me.

Late summer and early fall in the South is a great time to start thinking about adding on new construction cleanup services to your existing business model. This vital service would help service a region that experiences a barrage of hurricanes and storms, leaving many of your clients in need of cleanup jobs done. Adding on construction cleanup services comes with its own list of pros and cons, according to an article in the Balance. The costs to enter into these services is low, there is good earning potential and new construction cleanup pairs nicely with other diversifications to your business such as outdoor touch-up work, lawn care and window cleaning.

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